Digital Professionalism & Online Safeguarding Survey
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    This survey is led by the Principal Children & Families Social Worker(PCFSW) network in partnership with:


    National IRO Managers Partnership (NIROMP)

    Hertfordshire Teaching Partnership

    Children’s Services, Hertfordshire County Council

    Children, Young People and Families Services, Essex County Council

    Essex Social Care Academy

    Birmingham Children’s Trust

    Doncaster Children’s Services Trust

    Children, Young People and Families Services, Gloucestershire County Council

    Kent and Medway Teaching Partnership

    Making Research Count

    Research and Management Consultancy Centre

    Children’s Social Care. Tower Hamlets


    and in media partnership with:  Community Care


    Social work and social care practitioners use digital technologies every day however, there is little known about how they use it and the kind of support they may need. Furthermore, social media is a significant part of children and young people’s as well as many adults’ lives and offers many positive opportunities. However, digital technologies are also a source of new and significant risks ranging from sexting and stalking to cyberbullying, grooming, sexual or criminal exploitation, radicalisation, and more.

    Given the significant impact of social media and digital technologies in practice, this survey aims to understand how social work and social care practitioners use social media and the skills, capabilities and support that they need.

    The voice of practitioners has not always been recognised in development or application of technology in social care. However, this is a practice-focused and practitioner-led project and therefore, by completing this survey you contribute to shaping best practice guidance in this area as well as highlighting the support and development opportunities that are needed and most effective for digital practice and practitioners.

    Below is the informed consent for this survey and at the end of this page you can begin the survey.

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    Contact Information
    If you have any questions regarding this project please contact Dr. Peter Buzzi, the Research and Project Lead for this project at or Claudia Megele. National Chair of The PCFSW network, at

    Digital and social media technologies offer infinite opportunities and new and complex challenges for practice and our personal and professional lives. Therefore, this project aims to promote good practice, enhance outcomes for people who access services, and ensure practitioners are at the heart of future developments and are supported and enabled to lead the ethical use and application of social media and digital technologies in social work and social care practice.


    Sincerely yours, 


    Dr. Peter Buzzi

    Research & Project Lead



    Claudia Megele

    National Chair

    Principal Children and Families Social Worker Network

    By beginning this survey you acknowledge that you have read this information and agree to participate in this project. You also give us permission under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2018) and the UK Data Protection Act (2018) to receive, save, analyse, reproduce and/or otherwise process your data and your responses to this survey for the purpose of this research and in accordance with this informed consent sheet.

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